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Truly Naturalz

Starter Kit Men & Women

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This kit is truly one of a kind. It's not only for your beard but also your hair. It's great for all beard lengths because it absorbs leaving the beard with a natural shine and soft to the touch. The growth oil helps with dandruff hair loss and hair growth. If you have any access hair loss or patchiness in your beard or  just want to maintain a full healthy beard without the oiliness this is the product for you. The shampoo bar is great because it also helps stimulate growth for the scalp and beard while also providing softness and lasting moisture. This kit has everything you need including the comb. These products together will have you on your way to a shiny full head of hair and a soft beautiful beard in no time.


What's Included

Rapid regrowth oil (4oz)

1 Aloe herb shampoo bar (4.5 oz)

A kit guide




Pro Tip's 

Wash your hair and beard 1 to 4 times a week. Apply a moisturizer directly after washing. If you experience any dryness in between washes feel free to apply a small amount of moisture. I recommend using the beard comb to keep the hair detangled to prevent excess shedding.




    Before & After

    Before using Truly Naturalz I suffered with split ends, thinning edges and stress related hair loss. Not only has my hair grown back its much thicker, healthier and 10x more manageable with these products.


    Real Ingredients Real Results