Truly Naturalz is an all natural cruelty free hair & Skin care company. All of our products are made by hand to ensure the quality and potency. We believe in using real ingredients for real results. Everything is safe for the whole family. Our products are gentle enough for kids but strong enough to help stop hair loss and speed up hair growth. Our mission is to provide a premium hair & Skin care line at an affordable price that truly works.

Meet The Owners

Truly Naturalz was created to fulfill a need and want for natural hair care that actually uses all natural ingredients. I am a wife and mother of three so the need for products that were safe for the whole family was a must. We all have different hair types so this was also very important to me. I suffered with postpartum hair loss and stress related hair loss around my hairline I searched high and low for any product to no avail. I tried high in and drugstore products labeled natural and for hair loss and nothing worked. This took a large toll on my self-esteem having to always cover up my thinning hairline that was getting worse. That's when I decided to take matters into my own hands. And Truly Naturalz was born. I began with the growth oil and quickly realized there is no point in using natural products if my other products still have harmful chemicals. So I decided to expand the line to address all hair needs for all hair types. From shampoo bars to growth oils, growth sprays and our newest addition Natural Rapid Growth Grease and more. I am not only the owner I am a loyal customer and I value the quality of our products because I also use them on my children and husband. Thank you for considering our products for we value all of our customers.

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